Laurette launches a range for adults

Laurette launches a range for adults

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To celebrate its ten years of existence, Laurette launches a range of furniture for parents and baptizes it Line L. The brand of children's furniture revisits for the occasion three of its flagship models by applying to them more noble and elegant materials, more adults. The La Folie shelf, the Chevet des secrets bedside table and the L50 desk have a new look. Here they are in pictures.

From children to parents

You have fully furnished your children's rooms and perhaps liked Laurette's collection of furniture. Today, the brand is also thinking of the biggest and you, too, will be able to please yourself by adding these new pieces to your interior. Laurette's L line differs from the children's line by darker and modern colors. The three pieces of furniture from the small collection are thus dressed in deep charcoal, a neutral color that will match without too much difficulty to the style of your interior, bringing it a touch of sobriety if it is colorful, a touch of modernity if it is more classic.

La Folie library

This coal and copper library lives up to its name. With its random lockers, it will add a little craziness to your living room or bedroom and allow you to store files and books. Do not hesitate to dress it with a few small potted plants, guaranteed effect!
La Folie bookcase in coal and copper, painted birch wood. 115x205x38 cm, 1090 euros

The L50 desk

Parents also need work furniture. With its clean lines, its beautiful charcoal color and its industrial style, the L50 desk is as pretty as it is practical. Its large tray (130 cm by 78 cm) provides a comfortable working space, it gives pride of place to storage with its four large drawers.
Desk L50 XL Charcoal, painted MDF, painted metal feet and handles. 130x77x78, 1055 euros

The bedside of secrets

The bedside table is a must. Line L of Laurette offers its Bedside of secrets for this purpose in a modern version, all in coal and copper. A small, sober piece of furniture with clean lines that is just waiting for your bedside lamp.
Bedside table of charcoal and copper secrets, painted beech wood and MDF, copper handles. 42x65x27 cm, 278 euros A collection to discover exclusively at Laurette //