Before / After: Transform a former service room into a 20 m² with a strong personality

Before / After: Transform a former service room into a 20 m² with a strong personality

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In Saint-Germain-des-Près, the architect Stéphanie Bertina Minel has transformed an old dilapidated and dimly lit service room into a colorful three-room apartment with a thousand resources. Between vestiges of the past and modernity of minds, we open the doors of this little Parisian setting of only 20 m². Discovery in pictures! Area: 20 m²

A strange little three-room apartment to rethink

Before: Hard to imagine that behind this jewel once hid a somewhat sinister service room used as a storage room. Abandoned for more than twenty years, the apartment must be completely redesigned to meet the expectations of new owners who want to create the feeling of a generous space while retaining the privacy and function specific to each room.

Enhance the existing

After: Successful bet ! By playing on the assets of the apartment - high ceilings with large windows, a small area but two very distinct rooms and a storage room overlooking a terrace - Stéphanie has managed the feat of transforming this fragmented studio into a space optimized, functional and teeming with ideas! And, to preserve the spirit of the apartment and its cachet, the original moldings and mirrors have been preserved after a serious restoration.

Optimizing space and favoring tailor-made developments

After: In the kitchen, Stéphanie Bertina Minel has chosen to gather the technical elements in a strip of one meter twenty wide, at the site of an old demolished chimney flue. A wise idea that allowed the architect to integrate a laundry area with water heater and washing machine, an area dedicated to the preparation of meals fully equipped and a compact bathroom. In order to visually enlarge the room and avoid cluttering the space with the furniture, electric cupboards covered with windows were also installed. Compact and fully equipped, the bathroom is no exception. It has been designed with a view to optimizing space. Ultra-functional, it consists of a pretty corner shower, a support frame and a reduced depth bowl. Installed face to face, two mirror cabinets make it possible to enlarge the space and meet the need for storage that one is entitled to expect in the bathroom.
Still with the aim of offering a functional layout, an office room was created on the site of an old storage room overlooking the terrace. It now includes storage with mirrors and a folding shelf. Finally, to visually increase the feeling of space, the opening between the bedroom and the office has been enlarged and the old door has been replaced in favor of a glazed model. Bertina Minel Architecture Agency


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